Hippie Holidays at Barney’s New York

November 18th, 2008


Window shopping is definitely a tradition in New York, especially with the extravagant holiday window displays where one establishment tries to outdo the other.  Barney’s New York has announced the theme for their Christmas window, which will be unveiled tonight. To commemorate the 50th anniversary/birthday of the Peace Sign, the theme will be “Hippie Holiday”. There will be a custom Beetle on display designed by Jean-Paul Philippe.  The Beetle will be raffled off, and proceeds go towards the VW Carbon Neutral Project.  Tickets are $100.  Other than that, I can only imagine what is in store.   The mailer is available on the Barney’s website for your viewing pleasure.  If anyone happens to be walking the streets of New York and manages to snap a photos, send them in!


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