Golf with the Good Looking?

November 25th, 2008

My cousin worked for a caddy for a few years in college and cleaned up on tips because he was quiet and didn’t chit chat with other caddys during a swing, and occasionally gave a few golf tips to those who asked.   A guy used to like a caddy like that if they went to an upscale golf course and didn’t carry their own clubs.

The newest thing in marketing is for golf courses to have a Female Caddy Service. When my cousin worked, there were a few young ladies who worked as caddys. They had to be athletic, of course, to be able to carry heavy bags, or at least determined.  This service is a bit different as it employs “Par mates” are exceptionally attractive, provide engaging conversation, and act also as a concierge in that they keep your score, make reservations for you for after the round, fix divots and help you shop at the Pro Shop.  While the professionalism is something a busy person wants at a 5 Star property such as Royal Links and would be well appreciated, I am sure Walters Golf in Las Vegas aims to use the marketing to their advantage to inspire men to spend more money because they have an attractive woman complimenting them on their swing. It is just a hunch.

The fee to golf with a Par Mate who will fix divots, help with yardage and clean clubs, as well as act as concierge is $225.00 for a round of golf.

How do you feel about this ladies?  Do you think “finally, women are being recognized for golf knowledge and excellent customer service” are you thinking it is sexist, or are you wondering where the male Par Mates are?

Caught Red Handed. That’s SO Marc!

November 25th, 2008

Remember a couple of years ago, maybe 2003 or 2004 when have the vintage items on ebay had “So Carrie!” or “So Marc!” in the title?  Of course Carrie referred to Carrie Bradshow, Sarah Jessica Parker’s character in Sex in the City.  Marc is designer Marc Jacobs who had a line of lightly vintage inspired items at the time.  Now, another thing is “So Marc:” offering bribes to make sure you get a prime location for your show.

Marc Jabobs paid a one million dollar fine to avoid being charged with bribery for having a monopoly on the desirable 26th Street Armory for his fashion shows.  The money will go to the State of New York.   In related news, the manager of the Armory, James Jackson, will be sentenced up to fifteen years in jail for soliciting bribes.  Who deserves the larger punishment, the person who paid the bribe or the person who hinted at the opportunity and accepted the bribe?  I am sure Mr. Jackson is not a gazillionare so perhaps took the hit or could not pay that steep of a fine (it just seems a little convenient or fishy to me), but if he solicited others perhaps there are other counts.

Marc Jacobs International will be monitored for the next two years.  By the way, the last time you saw runway photos and said, “I want that” did it really matter where the show had been held?  Probably not.

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