Mr. T’s Fashion Show. Yes, You Heard Me Right.

December 4th, 2008

Since winter will be fast upon us….if it is not “officially” winter where you are, it unofficially is because there is snow on the ground…you must be thinking of spring clothing, right?   Wrong, unless you are in the fashion world and already know what the hot color for Spring 2009 is (YELLOW) and are thinking in terms of Fall 2009.   In otherwords, it is possible for you to be thinking about fashion shows.   There are many people whose names are but one word and you know who they are….Kate, Donatella, Marc, et al.   There is probably one name that is more widely known than them all.  That is “T,” or MISTER T to YOU.  That’s right, more households in the world know who Mr. T is than Spade, Moss, Versace, or Jacobs.

What is my point?   Did you know that at one time the fashion world AND Mr. T were somehow intertwined?  Yes, it has burned a hole in my retina way back when, and I present it now to you.  Before watching “MR. T’s Fashion Show,” make sure your coffee, tea, or hot chocolate is not in your hand and is safely on a flat surface so you don’t get it up your nose or spit it at anyone by accident while chortling in either recognition because you dressed like this, or because of the complete absurdity of Jeff’s dancing.  I nearly lost my Rock and Rye over this one. Maybe if I get my own show, they will put an animated frame around my face and put my name in big letters next to me so you know who I am, just like Marta gets. Count how many of these items were in your closet…be honest now:

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