Worst Dressed of 2008

December 26th, 2008

lagerfeld.gifI couldn’t put my finger on what was missing as this year winds up.  Then it struck me…Mr. Blackwell’s Worst Dress List!  Sadly, we bid adieu to Mr. Blackwell earlier this year.  Read more details on the passing of Mr. Blackwell in October HERE.  His end of year tradition will certainly be missed. Undoubtably, he would have put Brittney Spears on the list as he has done practically ever year.  He was probably already thinking about it.

In honor of Mr. Blackwell, I would like to weigh in with a personal opinion.  Maybe Karl Lagerfeld, at left, doesn’t merit a spot for the entire year, but he certainly made an interesting statement a few months ago.  White on white on white can look extremely elegant. However, I don’t quite get the fingerless silver gloves.  Fingerless gloves are “in,” but on men it can only be usually pulled off if you have a motorcycle, if you are going for the Steam Punk look, or if you adopt one of Johnny Depp’s prior styles that evoke the image of an elegant vagabond.

The “my outfit matches my hair” also makes Mr. Lagerfeld look like one of the characters from “This Island Earth.”   Is that a cumberund over the table cloth- patterned shirt? Also, I am noticing a “double belt” look.  I don’t usually make fun of people, but for someone who has designed things for the rest of us to wear, it is constructive criticism, or in other words, he can take it.

I am wondering if it his personal statement, or is it a sign of things to come for a future line of clothing?  I can only imagine…

In honor of Mr. Blackwell, who stands out this year for their misses, rather than their hits?

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