Toe Shoes…But Not The Kind You Think

July 12th, 2010

vibramfivebrown.jpgThere really is nothing too terribly new in fashion these days, particularly footwear. Most looks are just recapitulations of clothing that has already been. In some ways, classic style is perennial and always appropriate, but we are far from the masses wearing the silver jumpsuits the us of the 1950s we thought we would be wearing in the year 2000.  Everyday clothing is pretty much the same.  Sure, there are the occasional gimmicks like platform shoes with things moving around in the lucite heels, but none of that is made terribly well.

I should have been careful about what I asked for. I asked to see something “new” and little did I know that Vibram Five Fingers shoes would be trotted out. At first, I mistook them for a novel aqua shoe**, as the Vibram Five Fingers Classic does resemble them. However, they also come in a kangaroo leather hiking style, shown at left.  The gimmick is that you will feel as if you are running or climbing barefoot…but with rubber between your toes. My immediate thought was that one of my toes would be cut off by accident, but I was assured that the midsole offers protection from stone bruising. On the other hand, maybe they give you the flexible but slightly protected feel of a jazz shoe.

While I sometimes take fashion risks, I am still a little squeamish about this one, folks. Granted, these shoes look like a fun novelty, but for my foot size/height ratio, I fear my footprints being mistaken for a Yeti. I’ll have to ease in with a pair of bright blue of camouflaged ones. You can get away with a lot more when your shoes are retina burning-ly bright. They’ll notice the shoes rather than the feet.

I wonder if vintage clothing aficionados will purchase these and ferret them away to see if they will be sought after as oddities in the future.  Of course, that is unless they catch on to every man, woman and child. If you do decide to partake of some Five Fingered shoes, check the sizing charts for each style. Every style fits a little differently.

**= There is actually a true aqua shoe version, the Vibram Five Fingers Flow.

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One Response to “Toe Shoes…But Not The Kind You Think”

  1. Michael on July 18, 2010 6:58 pm

    If you want to run barefoot, go to the beach. I think those look ridiculous. Plus, they hurt your toes.

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