It’s Just Like Dating…So Why Do I Feel So ‘Dated’?

July 13th, 2010

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sodashop.jpgFirst, there was good old fashioned meeting your future husband or wife at school. Or maybe you met them as penpals. Or maybe they lived nearby. Then came personal ads. Then came online dating profiles. Oh yes, and matchmakers have been around for years. Just ask the Fiddler on the Roof. Now, there is virtual dating. It’s like dating…but it’s not. You simulate a date online. You make an avatar for yourself and then you and another user that you might think you might fancy go at it. No, get your minds out of the gutter. You chitchat with each other just like you are on a date, except the other person looks like a cartoon character. This way, you get to see if the other person is worth meeting or calling first.

All of this stuff is too newfangled to me. If you are the type of person who isn’t a speedy typist or is just an “in person” sort of guy or gal, this isn’t going to work. However, I bet that those who are the main customers for the site ARE quick at messaging and texting.  Also, I still think people are more apt to stretch the truth when they aren’t face to face.  But that’s just me.

The European Journal of Psychology says touche’.  Okay, they really don’t, but they do say that “People who go on virtual dates first tend to like each other more when they meet and are two times more likely to go on a second date.  Computer-based communication results in more self-disclosure, and can be more effective than face-to-face interaction at early stages of a relationship.“   While I am still skeptical, this does bring to mind how Grandma and Grandpa met. They were pen pals.  Grandma drew Grandpa’s name as a soldier to write to in WWII.  The rest is history, of course.  In writing letters, you do tend to share more about yourself up front than you would if you met by chance at the ice cream counter. is one of the venues offering virtual dating without the ickiness of web cams. If you are single – and i don’t mean married, I don’t mean having a girlfriend that you had an argument with and want to get back at, nor have a live-in boyfriend that just has a weird schedule – but if you are REALLY home by your self with your pet goldfish and your TVLand on Saturday night, then it might be something novel to try.  They are offering readers 3 months of free access just to take it for a test drive. So – you tell me…do you like it, or are you tending to prefer sitting at the museum poised in front of the same painting for 6 hours hoping a young (or old) lady or gent sees you and is taken by your obvious intellect and sense of taste?

I feel like a hypocrite.  Now that I am taken, I give advice to folks to go out to the library or museum and you might meet someone who is above the whole bar scene, but I have never heard of anyone who met their husband or wife in front of a Medieval shield or a Renoir.  Maybe performance art is different. Just ask Yoko Ono. She met John when he asked to pound a nail in her interactive art exhibit.   Anyway, for those of you who don’t have interactive art exhibits, you can try hiding behind your avatar that you can fashion to look like Yoko to meet your John.  Or peanut butter to meet your jelly.  I’ll just quit while I am not ahead…

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Patrick Stewart is Alive and Well

July 13th, 2010

Reports on Twitter, or at least among people that are crazy enough to associate with me, were that Patrick Stewart has passed away. Thankfully, this is false. Sir Patrick is alive and well and celebrating his 70th birthday. In fact, according to the BBC, “The Star Trek and X-Men actor is taking part in graduation ceremonies at Huddersfield University where he is in his second term as Chancellor. ”

Before he was known as Professor Xavier or Jean-Luc Picard, he was a player in the Royal Shakespeare Company. I remembered the “Playing Shakespeare” video series from my days as a stage manager. (In fact, I have seen the series on an obscure channel after midnight back when I had the 90 zillion channels on Dish Network, but they never seemed to run the whole thing. So, kids, check listings three weeks in advance and set your DVR. I also remember a thought floating in my head at the time: “Did That Guy Ever Have Hair?” At the time, Star Trek: The Next Generation was on television, and Stewart provided a sharp contrast to his predecessor, the heavily toupee-ed Shatner. I was surprised at the time that Stewart had barely aged a day since the videos from the late 70s.  My theory is that John Barton stole it all and attached it to his era-appropriate wild ‘do. In this clip, you can listen or turn the sound off and read it in German, which could be somewhat entertaining. If you are not into Shakespeare, enjoy a bit of culture or at least contemplate the location of Patrick Stewart’s Dorian Gray portrait.

Live long and prosper, Sir Patrick. Fie on thee, Twitter Rumors!

Oh, by the way, I think the whole video series was released for sale. However, its twenty bazillion dollars in 2010 money and I already have the book. No, I am not trying to be funny. I really do own the book. I fill in the voices in my head. I’m going to try one more time on Time Warner Cable. They just might decide it’s Patrick Stewart week and dig up all his old stuff.

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