Not Your Father’s Old Spice Commercials

July 14th, 2010

oldspicead.jpgRemember when Old Spice was cool? Somewhere along the road, the brand image sputtered and when I was in high school, everyone thought that whoever wore Old Spice was just an old gramps. Now, the marketing department at Old Spice is striving to make it young, hip and relevant again. With the surge in popularity in men’s body washes and other grooming products, it was time to dust off an old and familiar name and save it from the lower racks of the bargain bin.

While Old Spice tried commercials featuring sports activities and locker room antics, they didn’t hit gold until the Isaiah Mustafa was hired as the Old Spice man. The droll and hilariously larger than life and unquestionably manly, the Old Spice Man was featured in several popular commercials, urging men to drop the “lady scented” body washes.

The Old Spice Man is currently interacting with Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit users by creating video responses to their questions. Here, he answers a question about what happens when two men wearing Old Spice meet.

For more entertainment, visit the Old Spice Youtube channel

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