The Finishing Touch for a Restored Home

July 15th, 2010

streetscape.jpgOne way to transform a restored home is to be very particular about the “hardware” of the home. In other words, choose your mailboxes, light posts, and address plaques very wisely.

The first thing your visitors see before the door, however, is the mailbox. Nowadays, they have mail box posts that have an old world look, or have a clean, white cape cod look. You don’t have to go with an ugly metal pole.

For stately manors, or just the look of one, an imposing black, Victorian style residential mailboxes might be in order. You can get them with or without an area for a newspaper. I think it would very ironic to put one on a tiny house. What about putting one on a modern ranch or a small 1950s tract home? It would make it look rather grand, wouldn’t it?

Above, is a streetscape mailbox. My Great-Grandparents had one just like that where they lived in the city. It leaves me a bit nostalgic. Of course, they had a door for the paper too. That one went right through to the living room, and as kids we had a lot of fun with that. In fact, theirs opened on the outside and inside the house. We put ice cream in it once in the winter. Don’t worry, it was a postal holiday. We also tried to get each other to slip something in the mail slot so the other could try to grab it.

Whatever you decide, don’t just pick up the first thing you find. Think about the era of your restored home and with just a little looking online, you will find something that is truly perfect.

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