The Old New Corduroy Levi’s Jacket

July 20th, 2010

Thanks to a tip from our pals at ABCNeckties and the unusually named Thighs Bigger Than Your Head blog, I was alerted to the newish Levi’s Cord Jacket look.  Instead of the trendy hipster corduroy jacket of several autumns ago that preferred the tight and high armholes of the 70s and wide lapels, this is a comfortable jean jacket look.  While the mode last time was to wear it with matching cords if possible, the suggestion is that you refrain with this one.  It is currently available in red and khaki.

Levi’s does market this as an updated version of a 1967 trucker jacket, only a slimmer cut. Thank goodness this is where the inspiration for slim cuts leads and Levi’s did not go down the angry road of introducing jeggings (please, no!).  It retails for $69.50  at the present time. Colors available are “Thorn” which is roughly khaki, at left, and “Madder Brown,” which I would consider an autumnal red.

Suggestions? With the slimmer cut it might make a good “boyfriend” jacket for gent-ettes as well as something to be worn by guys.  Pairing it with jeans would probably be the preferred mode for men. White T-shirt would be most classic, but a crazy pattern shirt wouldn’t be out of the question, either.

Check out the jacket on and fine retailers. Or maybe not so fine retailers. Okay…how about retailers that have an adequate Levi section.

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