The Best Menswear/Ladieswear Loafers

July 28th, 2010

Calivintage opened up the floor to poll folks on what their choice of footwear was for her.  More specifically, she was looking at loafers and can only buy one. I was alerted to the new Bass Wayfarer loafer, which has a decidedly menswear-inspired look for women. While this style isn’t at the cutting edge in menswear at the moment, its classic style, available in patent leather and other finishes, lends to both casual and not quite so casual occasions for ladies.

The patent variety retails for just under $90.00 at Nordstroms and other department stores.  On the web, there really is no alternate price, until perhaps the shoes are last year’s models, but that remains to be seen.  The easiest to find colors are black, burgundy and Karicole. Don’t ask me what Karicole means, but its the color above, sort of a warm brown.  Elsewhere on the ‘net, the shoes are available in red, black and white and navy.  The suede version doesn’t look quite as dapper. The driving loafer-like style lends itself to jeans, trousers, suits and more.

This classic style seems like it would be a menswear-inspired wardrobe investment for many years to come.  When you grow tired of it, ladies, just put it away for a year or too and I guarantee it will come back around.

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