Be a Star: No Matter Who You Aren’t!

August 5th, 2010

Back in the day, you had to be discovered by a record label to get a break. Inevitably, you would be under contract and receive pennies, but hey, you were famous. Then came indie labels where if you weren’t very “commercial,” but some people tapped their tow to it, you still had a chance. Well, actually it helped if people COULDN’T tap their toe to it. Too hazardous when you were tapping your orange steel toed boots.

Now, you can bypass all that and be Justin Bieber, who I finally figured out started out by singing on YouTube, or you can just somehow get your song converted to a ringtone and have people around the world hear your snippet.

In fact, it now doesn’t matter what you look like. While there was a bit stink over Milli Vanilli not really being Milli Vanilli you could be Anna Blue, who apparently is a cartoon character who sings her own songs. You can get the Anna blue songs as ringtones and for all you know her little girl voice can really be from a 75 grandmother from Topeka or a 37 year old male cartoon voice person.

Rest in peace, Milli.  Or was that Vanilli who died under the stress of it all? You did not die in vain, you were just way ahead of your time.

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