Truth in Advertising

August 9th, 2010

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The name of the subtle, nuanced cinematic masterpiece “Snakes on a Plane” was going to be changed to Pacific Air 121, but according to, Samuel L. Jackson balked, “ We’re totally changing that back. That’s the only reason I took the job: I read the title.”

Not since SOAP has there been such truth, but almost blatant tackiness, in advertising as the website named It is exactly what you think of it as. Women look on the website to find guys, and of course the guys used in the banner and graphics are all models. That being said, would the same concept fly if it were called Trolling for Ladies or Buying Women? Probably not?  Perhaps the marketers thought folks would think it was humorous and perhaps they do.

If I were to make a dating site, what catchy name would I use? is one of those “self explanatory” ones that is already taken.  Hmmm…. I think North Meets South, elegant matches for Civil War-reenactors, would be a hit.  It may attract non-reenactors who just pretend they ‘respect the hobby’ so much, but I am sure the diehards could weed out the womanizing petticoat chasers and the gals that are just attracted to the uniform who will inevitably leave them for the local mall security guard.

However, if there is to be another “total truth in advertising site, how about UseU?  UseU could be the site for folks who don’t really want a relationship but just want a date with someone who is far higher on the attractiveness scale to go out with them, but only where their ex, or the guy or gal they REALLY want to date will see them.  That doesn’t sound very ladylike and gentlemanly, but at least everyone is being honest with each other.

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What’s New in Watch Features

August 9th, 2010

I’ve seen plenty of sports watches, and have to say many of them are merely “sporty” rather than the type to take a beating and still look halfway decent.  Recently, I have explored the world of ocean-oriented watch features rather than exploring watches that are interest on looks alone. (Yes, some watches still have a secondary function that does not remotely include texting or keeping track of appointments)

Many of the Rip Curl Watches hold up to their “waterproof” claims, boasting immersion capability up to 100 meters. That’s a little more than three 30-yard dashes. The watch laughs in the face of a toilet or claw-foot bathtub. You could drop it in some parts of the lake, and find it three weeks later and it may still be ticking unless it ends up in the belly of a marine mammal. I don’t really want to try it, so can’t comment on the validity of the marine mammal stomach acid interference factor.

Nixon watches offers a series that is also inspired by the sea.  However, they are less for diving in the ocean and more for predicting the behavior of the ocean or large lake with a secondary tide dial. With a touch of the button, you can set the watch to keep track of tide times for where you happen to be. It’s ideal for surfers, boaters and fishers.  Aside from that, its just a novelty. My grandfather, who is long removed from surfing and professional boating, would get a kick out of it because he’s interested in the statistics of the day.

The RipCurl watch shown above retails for around $180. The Nixon Tide watch comes in a variety of band and face options, and ranges in price.  The general range is $270-400.

Have you seen any watches with extra functions that you can’t live without?

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