Finding One’s Self

August 11th, 2010

I wrote a few articles awhile ago on attending live auctions, and didn’t know, but a few folks had quoted the article and I was not aware of it. WordPress has a handy dandy area that shows what other blogs are linking to you, but its not always in real time. Oh, and if the quoter had a regular non-blog website or didn’t link back to you, the info doesn’t show up.

I found that Blog Copy has a tool for finding out where your stuff is. Pop some code into your template and it will automatically look around the internet for you. You’ll have to register at first. Everything will show up in your control panel there.  If the writer gave you credit, but just didn’t link to you, you can happily go over and post a comment on their blog in thanks.  If they just lifted your material..well..then take a two by four. No, don’t do that, but you can send a helpful note.

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