Beach Wedding Favors: Beyond the Lei

December 4th, 2012

A friend of mine and another friend of mine were getting married in Hawaii. Those two friends were indeed betrothed to each other. One of those friends was not Elvis, but he did get married to a brunette gentlewoman. Meanwhile, many colleagues and confidants were freezing elsewhere in the snow.

They lamented over what to give out as beach wedding favors. Sand dollars? Ultimately they decided upon leis. When they flew home, they had a reception and gifted their friends with momentos from the vast shot glass collection they decided to divest when households combined. Some vintage glasses were filled with mints. The tables were a few glasses short of a party, so the couple trotted off to yard sales and a dollar store and grabbed a few generic stand-ins, in which candle wax was poured and wicks were inserted.

When the couple returned home, they were amazed that there was more room to merge their teacup, vintage shoehorn and action figure collection in harmony. That’s love!

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