Derek Cardigan: Horn Rims are Hip…Apparently

June 13th, 2013

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There are a few ways of scoring a pair of vintage Designer Eyeglasses  to complete a look, whether you are seeking specs for a theater or film production, or you just like a vintage look. Sifting through the bins at thrift stores might be one option, but one has to hope to find someone willing to grind the right prescription down to size. That, honestly is the greatest challenge with "found glasses."

Another alternative is to find a shop that specializes in vintage frames. They'll want a pretty penny, but you'll get the right correction for your Anisometropia.

The most popular alternative is to find vintage inspired or repopped glasses.

Hipsters and retro reenactors are finding  Derek Cardigan Eyeglasses a darling of the spec set. The line features a number of vintage-inspired frames, including full or partial horn rims. If your look is more 1960s librarin or Malcom X, there is something in the collection for you. Sometimes I am surprised that thick horn rims are now as popular as they are. In "my day," the Windsor was an acceptable and expected retro choice that never really went away, but the trend ten, fifteen years ago was to minimize the frames as to not obscure the visage – wire frames, half frames and even virtually invisible frames factored in the mix. 

For some reason, the look only carries off on the very young. Unless you are famous and can get away with anything you want, if you wore it the first time around, you might look a bit dated. Oh the irony.

The verdict? If you want to emulate the same look that Alicia Keys sported in her latest video, you can do so for in the neighborhood of $100 rather than several hundred dollars. Bonus.


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