Morgan Freeman’s Early Roles: He Kept It Clean

February 20th, 2010

There are so many slogans for products these days that tout their greenness and wonderfulness, I almost long to be told how awful something is…so awful that I just may want to try it.  Before all of those freshmint and cinnamon flavors for the “kid in you,” Listerine was an antiseptic tasting substance that made you wonder why you gargled with it in the first place.  The marketing geniuses decided to capitalize on it and tag it with the slogan, “It’s got the taste people hate…twice a day!”

Academy Award winning actor and narrator extraordinaire Morgan Freeman stars in this spot for Listerine, long even before the days of playing a bathing Vampire on “The Electric Company.”   Yes. You read that right.

Of course, you have probably completely ignored that last bit and wonder what’s the deal with a bathing Vampire?  Apparently, vampires enjoy bathing in their caskets due to heat retention. It is much warmer in there than running across the hall and properly bathing in the bathroom. Besides, there are too many lights in there.

Surely, this influenced Freeman’s decision to join the cast of the film Clean and Sober. He probably felt it was a bait and switch, as the film was not about “that” kind of clean. Luckily for all of us, Mr. Freeman started choosing roles regardless of level of personal hygiene products and has played a variety of entertaining and career defining roles.

What is your favorite “Before They were Famous” moments?

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